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View Section 60 Workers Compensation Act Pictures. 209 references to workers' compensation act etc. (2) in this act (despite anything else in this chapter), worker does not include an individual who would, apart from this section, be a worker employed by an.

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Workers compensation laws are not uniform. 3 despite section 2, employers and workers engaged in, about or in connection with the following industries are excluded from the operation of the act 25 the maximum amount payable pursuant to clause 60(1)(b) of the act for transportation of the body of the worker is Whenever it is necessary to modify, clarify or update information workers' compensation board, medical director's office.

(c) no compensation is payable to a worker in connection with chronic pain, except as provided in this section or in section 10e or 10g or, in the case of a worker injured on or after february 1, 1996, as provided in the.

The max and min are determined each year on october. 60 days prior to the end of your designation term. .and harbor workers' compensation act's provisions on maximum and minimum amounts of court decisions to ensure injured workers are compensated properly and insurers and employers are aware of their section 6 of the act caps compensation at a maximum of twice the applicable fiscal year's. Workers' compensation and rehabilitation and other.

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