Get Cross Section Dicot Leaf Gif

Get Cross Section Dicot Leaf Gif. Following tissues are visible in the transverse section of the material leaf. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools.

B4.2 - Plant Nutrition - IGCSE AID
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One of the reasons is that monocots seeds have one part, while dicot seeds have two parts. In dicot leaf stomata are absent or less on upper surface , while in monocots stomata are present on both surfaces. Dowiedz się więcej o tym produkcie.

These cells are located close to the leaf.

Leaves are complex organs consisting of many different cell types (see figure 1) including the epidermis, palisade mesophyll layer, spongy in order to minimize transpiration that occurs with gas exchange, most dicot plants have their stomata on the lower epidermis. Dicot leaves are present in dicots plants. E both leaf surfaces are similar. The cross section and the longitudinal section of the stem are shown.

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